Psychic Vincent               Sisters
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Psychic Sisters Suzanne Vincent and Jean Vincent for the past 25 years have worked as Psychic Mediums, Psychic Profilers, Ghost Hunters,Paranormal Researchers and Psychic Criminal Investigators and have been successful at locating missing persons and profiling criminals. We are currently investigating the disappearance of Ray Gricar the missing District Attorney who disappeared while investigating Jerry Sandusky and Penn State. We were also consulted for our expertise on the Pike County mass murder of eight people from the Rhoden family in Ohio. We were pivotal breaking the  murder case of John Yelenic, the Dentist in Blairsville, PA. and the Christine Sheddy Murder. Pivotal in helping Dominic Casey P.I with the Caylee Anthony missing child from Orlando, Fla. and helping to profile who murder her. My sister and I started our journey in the Puritan Spiritualist Church, Anna Gross,our Pastor, saw a gift in us as mediums by the age of 12, so our Mother Margaret Vincent, began taking us to this church for mediumship training. We participated in parapsychology classes in Chicago ,Ill., Clearwater, Fla,. Pittsburgh, Pa., Lilly Dale, New York, at Lilly Dale Assemblies Spiritualist Retreat with Medium James Van Praagh.

Psychic Sisters Mediums Suzanne and Jean Vincent connecting with loved ones in Postcard's from heaven event. Pittsburgh.PA
Psychic Vincent Sisters at the Crystal Ballroom at Rivers Casino connecting to spirit. Pittsburgh.PA

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